Heather Gardner
Director, Business Development Manager | FKG Air
Heather Gardner | Director, Business Development Manager, FKG Air | Director, Annapurna Consulting

Heather Gardner is the director and business development manager at FKG Air, an aviation company that specializes in charter services created for corporate tailor made travel, and freight services for packages that need to be sent somewhere in a hurry. FKG Air operates seven days a week, and is made up of aircrafts that can accommodate eight people and that promote a comfortable flying experience. Corporate jets; Turbo props as well as numerous other aircraft is available. Ms. Gardner has been working with the company in this capacity for the past two years and has 25 years of professional experience. Throughout her career, she has become an expert in customer relations, change management, leadership, communication, and public speaking. As the director and business development manager, Ms. Gardner is tasked with managing logistics and a workforce of 850 personnel, and overseeing the customer service department. She attributes her success to her commitment to her colleagues. In the near future, Ms. Gardner plans to take the company to an international level.

Adding to Ms Gardner’s area of expertise she heads up Annapurna Consulting. A consulting firm who specialises in aspects of business with a strong focus on assisting women in business to be a voice. Annapurna Consulting specialises in reinvigorating a business – realigning the people – with a highlighted focus on the triple bottom line.

Heather Gardner
Director, Business Development Manager
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